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Here are some helpful giudelines for Roleplaying:

Roleplaying is kind of like storytelling where everyone has their own charecters, through each character they try to be their sences. telling what each charecter does and feels. it may sound confusing at first, but once you get the hang of it you'll understand. Here's an example of a few posts from an RP.

Cali walked behind Dejango,in her Dark blue jeans,she looked around at all the buildings, "Is this is it?" She asked him,she had a feeling this was the school, she was having blurred memories of this place. ''Yeah," Dejango replied "This is it." Cali almost Smiled. "It's been so long!" Dejango nodded and they both sat down at a table near the school Cafeteria.

Matt walked out of Study Hall. " Nothing like studing after school ! " He quietly walked out to the lunch area. He looked around and then saw her. " Cal- " He stopped himself. Why is she with Dejango ? Are they going out ? Why didn't I know about it ? He walked over to her table, and plopped himself next to her. " Cali, Dejango. " Then he noticed a familer bat at the other table. " Finnick, my man ! come over here ! Then he heard Paula. " Guys ! You have to come over here !"


What is and isn't allowed:

Roleplaying is lots of fun, but a few bad actions can ruin it for everyone here are a few examples:

Godmodling: Making your charecter flawess (this is also Mary-sueing)

Powerplaying: Out of all things, I hate this one the most, I give you can example of powerplying, where the power player is in red and the good rper in blue.

James was out hunting with his pack when he spotted another wolf who was staring at James's newly caught prey, James put it down, jumped in front of it and growled. If this wolf wanted James's prey, it would have to fight James.

Bruno growled at james, pushed him down, broke all his legs, then took his prey and padded away laughing.

So, do you see why I hate it? It ruins the fun for everyone and is just frusterating.

Playing someone else's charecter: So, you have put in a lot of work creating your perfect charecter right? and he/she is all yours right? Well playing someone elses charecter is like denying that. The only charecters that you are allowed to play are YOUR OWN ONLY!   of course, it's okay to put an action a charecter made in a post before in your responce but don't play others charecters, it's not fair for someone else to be playing out your actions, because you might have something totally different in mind.  There is one exeption, lets say you want a charecter to move to one specific place. you can't just type Cali walks towards Matt's house because cali is my charecter, if you wanted Cali to go to Matt's house, you would have to post something like (your charecter's name) pushes Cali towards Matt's house or (Your charecter's name) picks Cali up and brings her towards Matt's house. That is, if your character would realistically be able to do that.


Styles of Roleplay

If you have ever roleplayed with others before, you may have noticed that they RP in a different style then you or me so I'll give you some examples of a few fashions.

Here's the One I use:

Cali stretched her arms and yawned, she had taken a long nap and finally woken up. "Wow, I had such a wierd dream!" she exclaimed.

This style is the most simalar to how authors write books, I think that's why I like it so much. I don't recomend this syle for beginers though, I know from experience that when you first begin as a roleplayer, it's too easy to forget quotes and other puntuation.

And now another commonly used style.

*Cali stretched her arms and yawned, she had taken a long nap and finally woken up.* "Wow, I had such a wierd dream!" *she exclaimed.*

This style puts stars before and after the actions, I think this style can be pretty helpful for those who can't seem to remember puntation, but aren't really bad about it  It helps because you can always tell what the actions are because of the stars.

This next style is a lot like the stars, it's just bold actions instead of stars.

Cali stretched her arms and yawned, she had taken a long nap and finally woken up."Wow, I had such a wierd dream!" she exclaimed.

Ah, This next style brings back memories:

Cali: stretched her arms and yawned, she had taken a long nap and finally woken up."Wow, I had such a wierd dream!" she exclaimed.


This style is often altered, people sometimes make actions in bold or stars and do other things with it, this is the style that I think is best for beginers, but does siut all levels of roleplaying.


Making sure your posts are Legible

Now, were all human, and we make mistakes (that's why we have the edit button) so heres a few pointers and how to make your posts more clear.


Using Text chat: Now, I know, text talk is really convient when your texting, it's makes lots of room for more to type! But this is not your phone, so don't post something like (Your charecter's name) wlks ovr 2 cali and says "hey sup wut u wan do,go 2 park 2day?"  Really I mean, if I was rping and someone posted that I'd probably have to read it at least 5 times before enderstanding it. The only execption is if your charecter is texting chatting (online) or e-mailing someone.

spelling too many words wrong: Yeah yeah, I get it, I'm getting on you guys for spelling yet I always spell a few words wrong. Let me just say, It's okay! we all make mistakes, so spelling a few words wrong is just fine. but not so many words it makes the post unclear. Example"

Sally wakled oer to her hose, ahe had spend a lot of her day jus playingf ouside withe all of her fiwrnns, but now she waz juzt relly slepy.

It looks like whoever posted this needs to stay in school! everyone makes mistakes or types to fast, but that's just too much, if this type of thing ever happens with you: RUN TO THE EDIT BUTTON!!!!

Doings things that make no sense: How would you feel if your just having fun, roleplaying and then someone posts (charecter's name) sinks into a vortex and dies not only does that make no sense but it also messes up the roleplay, if a very impotant charecter decides to do that, then the roleplay is now missing an important charecter.

These are Very brief giudelines, if you need more help, please ask :)

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One more rule: I know my character, Lock, carries a knife around with him at all times. Here are the rules for concealed weapons.

Honestly, I personally think even a pistoll is going to far. But, it's okay to have one or any other small weapon concealed if; It's not in a public place(ex: grocery store), not in school(if your character still goes to school), and they must be the real life "age limit" for the weapon. Basically, don't carry around a pistol or handgun if your character is 16. As well as those rules, don't have him/her walking around with "a concealed RPG" or something crazy like that. Here are examples of good and bad concealed weapons(good in blue bad in red)

As soon as he heard the gang members come out of the alleyway, he instinctively took his knife out of  his back pocket and was prepared to use it.

Good, realistic, and concealed. Good, right?

John was the new senior assistant security guard at the Pentagon. As soon as he heard the sound of cracking glass, he took out his hidden M14 he had for emergencies and took a few shots at the intruders.

See what I mean?


I have a fedora, your argument is invalid.

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