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Shea Simpson

Description: Shea is really normal. (I like how I can say, "Shea is/She is." XD) She's on an honor roll and has a wonderful passion for art; Sketching, Doodling, Painting, Sculpting, Poetry, you name it. Is a Sophomore, she's skinny and shy, too... (Wears glasses. Better description coming soon. :D)

Strengths/likes; Art. Eh-durr. (Das about it o.e)

Weaknesses/dislikes; Isn't exactly strong.


Hair; Very dark brown. (Furry mode(XD); White with black->dark blue tips.)

Eyes; Creamy Chocolate with white flecks.

Skin color; Very light (I think Ivory's the word... /shot)


has a crush; Yes, one. o.o

boyfriend/ girlfriend; no

wife/husband; nope

Status; Foreveralone /sadfaic

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Chad Ferrell

Description: Chad is a stereotypical American, he loves to surf, and he often has a misjudged opinion. He is currently obsessed with Jenna Davis, who just gt back from summer camp with her enemy, Koti Di'Vorte

Strengths/likes; Surfing, summer, the beach, Jenna, being outside, bullying random losers that walk down the beach, etc.

Weaknesses/dislikes; Koti, Bruno, Lock, pretty much anyone or anything that prevents him from being near Jenna.


Hair; Moderate length, blonde, shaggy hair

Eyes; green

Skin color; Dark Tan


has a crush; Yes(he's convinced that he's madly in love with jenna XD)

boyfriend/ girlfriend; n/a

wife/husband; n/a

Status; convinced that he's in love with jenna

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Via Shadowfall 

Description: Via is a smart girl. Even though she hides it. Very V E R Y hyper, and very loving. She loves the outdoors, works in a library, and loves meeting new friends. Via's I.Q. is actually 186, but she acts as her I.Q. is 4. Lol

Strengths/likes; She plays on a Volleyball team, and has high academics.

Weaknesses/dislikes; She is TERRIFIED of clowns. Her weakness is she's very sensitive and over protective.


Hair(or fur, if furry or animal); Light Brown,[ skin/fur ] Light tan

Eyes; Green/ Hazel 


has a crush(state yes or no); Y e s <3

boyfriend/ girlfriend;

wife/husband; Beck McCoy 

Status; Taken by the best husband evar XD

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Description: Rocky is a troublemaker, and the girlfriend of Alex. She was much more shy and controlled, until she met and started dating Alex. She is also a fox anthro.

Strengths/likes; Sneaking, Theiving, Alex, money, wealth, shiny objects

Weaknesses/dislikes; not strong, being discovered while sneaking/thieving


 Hair; Black

Eyes; Green

Skin color; Light brown


has a crush(state yes or no); No

boyfriend/ girlfriend; Alex

wife/husband; No

Status; Dating

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